Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial conveyancing is the process that takes place when a commercial property is sold. With all property sales, speed is of the essence, and especially so in the commercial world, to avoid disruption to your business.

We’re specialist commercial property solicitors, with vast experience in buying and selling business premises, applying for planning permission, and drafting documents such as lease agreements. Our professionals will work with you in partnership to make the process swift and painless.

Residential tenancies

Are you a landlord? Did you know that if you don’t protect a residential deposit, you won’t be able to obtain possession of the property even if the tenant doesn’t pay the rent?

You can trust Barber and Co.’s specialist solicitors to help with issues related to deposits and with the preparation of residential shorthold tenancies.

Residential possession proceedings

If you’re a landlord, taking possession of your property can be difficult where the lease has expired, rent hasn’t been paid, or the tenancy agreement has been breached in some other way.
Don’t try to take this on yourself. The law here is complex and mistakes can take months to put right. That could mean going without rental income for a long time. Let us recover what we can from the tenant and keep your costs to a minimum.

As specialists in residential possession, we can assess whether you should recover possession or advise whether seeking rent/damages as well will be cost-effective. As ever, we’ll apply our exemplary customer care and keep you briefed at every stage.

Business leases

We’ve prepared simple and effective business leases for a range of businesses, such as takeaways, corner shops, taxi firms and car washes. We can provide for almost any small business, economically and effectively.

Commercial conveyancing services we offer:

  • Leasing property
  • Buying property
  • Contracts/agreements
  • Landlord or tenant leases
  • Eviction of tenant
  • Recovery of rent arrears

Talk to us about your commercial conveyancing needs today on 01772 203 520 or email us here.

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