Understanding Mediation

What is a MIAM?
It stands for Mediation Information Assessment Meeting.
Why do you need to go?
You may find yourself in a position of wanting to make an application to court for example in relation to children or finance matters. It is a legal requirement and necessary step to attend a MIAM before an application to court is made.
What happens at a MIAM?
The short, first appointment is with a mediator who will explain how mediation works and if it is right for you. They will also discuss how many mediation sessions you need and the cost of attending.
The mediator will discuss the issues you are facing and the options available to you.
The other person will also need to attend a MIAM but it does not need to be at the same time as your meeting.
What happens after?
At the end of mediation any arrangements agreed will be drawn up into a Memorandum of Understanding.
If the matters relate to finances from a marriage the Memorandum of Understanding can then be sent to your solicitor who will then make an application to court for a final financial order.
If you attend the first MIAM and the mediator finds the case unsuitable for mediation they will sign this off and you will then be able to make an application to court.