Schools out – Top 5 Survival Tips

school hols
Any parent who has been through a separation or divorce will know all about the dramas that school holidays can bring. From who has the kids to entertaining on a budget here are our Top 5 Tips to help you survive the summer:

1. Plan Plan Plan
Early planning is always great, especially when juggling work, kids and exes but if like most of us parents the holidays sneak up on you and you have left planning a little late this year don't worry there are still plenty of offers on line and locally to take advantage of. If your plans around exes and contact haven't quite worked out and you need some advice, give us a call.

2. Get advice early
Speaking to the ex and organising childcare isn't always easy. If you know things are difficult and you aren't able to communicate with each other make sure you see a Solicitor well before the holidays start. It may be that you need to apply to court to vary a Child Arrangements Order already in place, or you you may wish to take the children on holiday and need permission from the court to do so as your ex will not agree. This can take time so getting advice early will benefit you and the kids.

3. Going abroad
If you or your ex are thinking of taking the kids abroad do you know your legal rights? This can all hinge on parental responsibility and any court orders already in place. For example if one parent has a court order saying the child resides with them then they can take the child out of the UK for 28 days without the written consent of the other parent. For further information about taking your child abroad please call us for a free 30 minute telephone consultation.

4. Entertain for free
We all know how expensive the school holidays are but don't feel you have to compete with your ex. There are so many ways to entertain the kids for free. Check out to find places of interest near you.

5. Dump the guilt
6 weeks of juggling work, bored kids, family and exes can take its toll on even the most laid back of people. Remember to take some time for you and be realistic about what you can achieve over the summer.

We know that it isn't easy surviving separation or divorce let alone the summer holidays so if you need expert advice don't hesitate to call us. We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation with expert advice.

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