Most ridiculous reasons for divorce

Relationships are complicated and each one is unique, which is why when they go awry, some of the reasons for divorce can seem a little crazy, at least to outsiders. We have found some of the world’s most ridiculous reasons for divorce.

He wasn’t that into Frozen

A woman in Japan wanted to allegedly divorce her husband because he didn’t like Disney’s mega-hit movie Frozen as much as she did.

He didn’t use a fork to eat peas

A Kuwaiti woman has filed for divorce, after only being married for a week, when she discovered that her husband prefers to use bread rather than a fork to eat peas. The woman accused her spouse of poor table manners and said his way of eating peas was a ‘shocking sight’.

She refused to dress as a Klingon

A woman in the UK filed for divorce because her husband wanted her to dress as a Klingon, from the TV series Star Trek and speak in Klingon to him.

He hated tuna casserole

As we don’t have a no-fault divorce system in the UK, couples can only file for divorce under five categories, which include adultery and unreasonable behaviour. One husband in the UK asked for a divorce because he hated having to eat his wife’s tuna casserole.

Three’s a crowd

An Italian bride asked for a divorce after her groom brought his mother on their honeymoon. Their marriage lasted three weeks.

A little birdy told me

A couple’s pet bird began to say things like ‘divorce’ and ‘be patient’. This led the wife to discover that her husband was having an affair, which gave her grounds for divorce.

She had an affair 60 years ago

A 99-year-old Italian man filed for divorce after he discovered his 96-year-old wife’s letters to her lover from the 1940s. The ending of the marriage made them the world’s oldest divorcees.

The cat’s out of the bag

An Israeli man divorced his wife because she adopted 550 cats. The unnamed man said the felines hindered his home life by blocking the entrance to the bathroom, swarming the kitchen and stealing food off his plate.

He wants his kidney back

An American surgeon from Long Island gave his wife a kidney while they were married, but now she has filed for divorce he wants it back.

Relationship status: it’s complicated

An Indian woman decided to divorce her husband after he failed to change his relationship status to married on Facebook.

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