Divorce – DIY online can be expensive, messy and illegal….

So what attracts you into doing it for yourself on line?
 Is it the impersonal nature of not having to discuss your divorce details with another human?
Barber & Co. provide good, experienced advice because we listen and because we care…
 Is it the speed offered by ‘quickie’ divorces online?
Reality check: uncontested divorce takes four to five months – this is a mandatory court process from decree nisi through to decree absolute.
 Is it cheaper?
Claims from online divorce site can be extremely misleading…money back guarantees, no courts, free advice, etc: Many costs are hidden to appear later, such as court fees, clean break agreements and loop holes to avoid refunds – and you have no right to complain or insurance cover.
Barber & Co are Family Law experts and support you throughout the divorce process – we understand what you are going through and care about the best outcome for you. You can’t get that online!