Coping with the festive holidays

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Christmas is a time of joy and giving and spending time with loved ones but for those who are separated or divorced it can be a difficult and trying time, especially when there are children involved. Those family yuletide traditions become just a memory and the thought of having to spend all or some of Christmas without the children can feel overwhelming.
The first Christmas after separation or divorce can be especially hard so here are our top tips for coping this festive period:
> Plan well in advance giving yourself time to reach an amicable agreement with your ex as to when you see the children, this is especially important if you are the non-resident parent. If you cannot reach an agreement give yourself time to attend mediation or obtain a Court Order if one is not already in place. Remember to always seek professional advice first.

> Treasure the time you have with the children and enjoy making new memories and traditions.

> Try not to dwell on what you used to do, do new things and give the children new things to look forward to in the run up to Christmas.

> Is this your first Christmas where the children will be with the ex and you are dreading being on your own? Make plans. Try something new. Book a few days away so you are not at home thinking about what once was. See friends and family and take some time to do something for you.

> Do not get into the Christmas gift war, no-one wins and the children can be left feeling torn between you.

> Take some time to be grateful for the good things that have happened this year, underneath all the hurt and change there will be something to be thankful for.

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