Is Equality Equal?

We are now in an age where there are more women on the solicitor’s roll than men (according to the Law Society official statistics for 2017). December 2019 will mark 100 years since the Sex Discrimination Act 1919 was passed so we thought we would look at the history and influence of women in law. […]

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Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is defined as controlling, coercive, violent or threatening behaviour to someone over the age of 16 by someone who is in or has been in an intimate relationship with them or who is a family member. The Office for National Statistics estimated that in 2017 around 2 million adults experienced domestic abuse. 1.3 […]

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Pensions and Divorce

Pensions and divorce It has been widely publicised that divorced women are losing out when it comes to pensions. Many do not know what their options are or how valuable a pension can be in a divorce/dissolution settlement. Knowing what a pension is worth could mean the difference between being comfortable in retirement and counting […]

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The 5 stages of grief

There is a reason people say that divorce is one of the most stressful times in our lives. Breaking up with a significant other can be incredibly difficult. It has been said that when a relationship breaks down we go through a grieving process commonly called the 5 stages of grief. 1. Denial – when […]

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Coping with the festive holidays

Christmas is a time of joy and giving and spending time with loved ones but for those who are separated or divorced it can be a difficult and trying time, especially when there are children involved. Those family yuletide traditions become just a memory and the thought of having to spend all or some of […]

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