Grandparents – know your rights!

Grandparents – are you confused about your rights where access to your grandchildren is concerned? When families break up the grandparents can often be on the receiving end of the feuds between parents and can be left without access to their grandchildren.
Whilst grandparents do not have an automatic right to contact with a grandchild the courts do recognise the importance of grandparents and where access cannot be agreed through the parents you do have options.
Before getting the courts involved you will be required to attend mediation. Not sure what this is? Check out our blog ‘Understanding Mediation’.
If the issues cannot be resolved in mediation you will then be able to ask the court for permission to apply for a Child Arrangements Order to define when you will be able to spend time with your grandchildren.
A Child Arrangements Order sets out where a child lives or the time they will spend with a person. As in all child related cases the court’s paramount concern in making any decision is the welfare of the child.
Worried about how much this may cost? The court fee for the application itself is £215 but why not book a free appointment with us to discuss the details and get professional advice before taking any further steps?
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