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Barber & Co s expert Wills and Probate solicitors can help and advise you with the drafting of your Will and support you with the Probate process in any of our three offices in Preston, Ramsbottom and Darwen.

Making a Will may not be at the forefront of your mind, but if you wish to make a provision for family, friends or patron any specific charities, having a Will is important. At Barber & Co, we use the latest technology to show you how your heirs will benefit from your estate and help keep you in the driving seat.

Why write a Will?

When it comes to administering your estate, your marital status can have a direct impact on who will benefit if you do not have a Will. To ensure your hard work goes to those who are most important to you, writing a Will is vital for giving you peace of mind and keeping you in control of your affairs.

If you are married or in a civil partnership:

It is not a given that without a will everything goes to your husband, wife or civil partner. Children, siblings and even in-laws may inherit part of your estate.

If you are unmarried or co-habiting:

The law does not regard co-habiting couples in the same way it does married couples, or those in civil partnerships. No matter how long you have lived together, your partner may not be entitled to anything unless provision is made through a Will.

If you are separated, divorced or have a change in circumstances:

If you are separated it may be possible for your ex-partner to inherit some of your estate, unless there is a Will in place. If you have already drawn up a Will and your circumstances change, such as marriage, divorce or separation, part of your Will may become invalid and a new Will should be drawn up.

If you are a parent:

When writing a Will, appointing a guardian for any dependent children you might have should mean they do not have to be placed into care. If no provision is made, a court will appoint an official guardian and this may not be a person you would choose and possibly not even a family member.

If you are single:

If you are single, your estate will go to your next of kin and those who you would have liked to have benefited may not be entitled to anything.

To be in control of what happens to your estate, as well as any funeral specifics, making a Will is essential.


Should a loved one pass away, Barber & Co can help you through the Probate and Estate Administration process. Our specialist Probate solicitors have many years of experience in helping families through the necessary legal procedures involved in administering a person’s estate in the UK.

Our Wills and Probate Services

Led by Norman Gibson, our expert Will writing solicitors and Probate lawyers are on hand to assist and advise you on all the following services:


About Norman Gibson

Norman Gibson is Barber & Co’s dedicated Head of Wills, working across all three of our offices, primarily based in the Preston area. Norman began his career in the engineering industry, completing a technology apprenticeship and then a degree in engineering. He then progressed into management levels at BAE Systems overseeing the Eurofighter, EFA projects and fulfilment teams, alongside leading legal negotiations with overseas suppliers.

In 2000, Norman became a trained licensed and STEP qualified consultant in the Wills and Estate Planning industry. With over 15 years’ experience with clients nationwide, Norman also has vast experience in setting up and overseeing the management of estate planning departments along with training other members of the team.

Norman is very client focused and spends time with his clients discussing exactly what they wish to achieve with their estate planning. His primary focus is ensuring a solid service and professional legal documents go hand in hand, to fully meet the wishes of each client.

Making a Will

By making a Will you can control who will inherit your money and property, name guardians for any dependent children you may have, express preferences on what happens after your death, who will handle your affairs and save on inheritance tax. Barber & Co’s expert Will solicitors are on hand to advise you through this important process and help with any changes you may wish to make to an existing Will.

Protective Property Trust

A Protective Property Trust is designed to protect your property from an assessment of long term care fees. It is also useful to add this to your Will if your family contains children from previous relationships, as you want to ensure fairness for them without disadvantaging your partner or spouse.


We at Barber & Co can set up a Trust (also known as a discretionary trust) on your behalf for whomever you wish to benefit. A Trust is where money and assets such as land and property are held by a trust on behalf of beneficiaries. A Trust can be created during your lifetime or come into force after your death. You may want to set up a Trust for children or grandchildren who are still minors, or for a loved one who is unable to look after their own financial affairs.

Living Wills

A Living Will is a legal term used for an Advanced Medical Decision; in other words, it is a written statement setting out your wishes in relation to medical treatment should you become terminally ill or incapacitated. Our Living Wills solicitors are specially trained to help you navigate this difficult process.

Business Succession Planning

Many family businesses fail after a death of an owner or a key member of the company. Having a Business Succession Plan in place can help smooth the transition from one person to the next. Our knowledgeable Business Succession Planning solicitors can help you prepare your business for succession.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in the UK is a document that outlines who can make decisions on your behalf, should you be unable to make decisions for yourself. Our Lasting Power or Attorney solicitors will help to take you through the two types of LPA and how the attorney(s) you choose make decisions on your behalf.

Probate and Estate Administration

Whether a Will was left by the deceased or not, Barber & Co’s specialist Probate solicitors can help you through the Probate process. If a Will was left, we can help executors apply for a grant of probate and if no will was left, we can help the person entitled to deal with the deceased estate apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration. In addition as part of our service we offer your family members our support through the Probate process at a distressing and upsetting time along with guidance on the necessary legal forms.

Inheritance Tax Planning

If you think your estate would be liable for Inheritance Tax, you should get advice from one of our expert Inheritance Tax solicitors. There are ways of minimising your Inheritance Tax liability and we can help to arrange your finances in the most efficient way possible.

Document Storage and Support

At Barber & Co, we can offer you a ‘Living Box’ which provides you with a full lifetime storage of not only your Will, but any other documentation you may want to store. We use a company called the Document Storage Company who is responsible for storing MoD and NATO classified documents so the documents are very secure.

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