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Welcome to Barber & Co Solicitors

Barber & Co Solicitors is a long established firm of solicitors and provider of legal services from its head office in Preston, Lancashire.

The specialist lawyers at Barber & Co Solicitors are always there to help you. Our lawyers are able to deal with a wide range of legal issues facing individuals and businesses.

Our firm prides itself in the high level of commitment we provide to our clients. We ensure working with our team, no matter what your case involves, is as straightforward as possible. We ensure the needs of our clients are always put first by maintaining the highest level of quality work to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Funeral Plans

Barber & Co provide funeral plans in partnership with Safe Hands – one of the UK’s leading providers of pre-paid funeral plans. Endorsed by the National Federation of Funeral Directors, Safe Hands Funeral Plans combine affordability with outstanding levels of service and care. A funeral plan is a means by which to protect your family […]

Commercial Litigation

When things go wrong in business, it can be reassuring to know someone’s on your side. Especially when that someone is a respected firm of legal experts. One that can get you a resolution– and fast.

Perhaps it’s a contractor dispute, a roadblock over a merger or acquisition, or a shareholder disagreement. Whatever the issue, we work with you as partners to deliver accurate commercial advice. We act quickly because we know that solving your dispute fast minimises damage to your business.

Residential Conveyancing

We know that the thrill of buying a new home is matched only by the pain of moving house. That’s why, when you choose Barber and Co for your residential conveyancing, we act quickly.

Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial conveyancing is the process that takes place when a commercial property is sold. With all property sales, speed is of the essence, and especially so in the commercial world, to avoid disruption to your business.

We’re specialist commercial property solicitors, with vast experience in buying and selling business premises, applying for planning permission, and drafting documents such as lease agreements. Our professionals will work with you in partnership to make the process swift and painless.

Residential tenancies

Family Law

Family problems can be harrowing and emotionally scarring. They can be the most stressful times of your life.Only the best legal advice can get you the best possible outcome.

Whether it’s about separation, divorce, children’s issues, adoption or any other family matter, talk to us in confidence. Our objective, supportive advice will help you understand the options available to you. We’ll minimise conflict and bring about a fair solution.

Wills and Probate

Making a will might not be something you like to think about. But if you have family, friends and favourite charities, you should – because they could end up with nothing.

Making a will is particularly important if you’re not married or not in a registered civil partnership. The law doesn’t automatically give partners who live together the same rights as husbands, wives and civil partners.

Islamic Wills

It’s important not to put off making an Islamic will. Should you pass on without one, the state will declare that you died ‘intestate’. Your wealth and possessions will then be distributed according to English rules on intestacy. These differ from the criteria laid down under Shariah Law.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured or fallen ill and you feel it was someone else’s fault, you’ll no doubt know that you could be entitled to compensation. You’ll also know that you can claim on a no-win, no-fee basis.

That’s true at Barber and Co. We’re one of the North West’s foremost personal-injury legal practices. We’ve won millions of pounds in compensation for our clients. From road traffic accidents to slips and trips, and from cycling accidents to holiday accidents.

Medical Negligence

Have you been diagnosed wrongly by a doctor or health professional? Has their lack of judgement or incompetence led to physical or psychological problems? Medical negligence can be hard to prove. That’s why you need a team of trusted medical negligence lawyers on your side.

At Barber and Co., we’ve represented hundreds of victims of medical negligence, bringing cases against GPs, surgeons and NHS Trusts throughout Lancashire and beyond. We’ve settled dozens of high-value compensation claims, including instances of serious injury and death.

Employment Law

Having problems at work? Bringing action against your employer can be extremely stressful. But here at Barber and Co., our specialist employment law solicitors are on your side.

We’ll take the weight off your shoulders with advice on any action you can take against your employer. If we think it’s the right course of action, we’ll help you make a claim.

Criminal Defence

If you need criminal defence, you’re likely to face a very challenging time. And sadly, Legal Aid is no longer always available in criminal cases. Even where it is, the firms that offer it are under governmentfinancial restraint.

Your fate could be in the hands of lawyers receiving a government-set standard fee. That’s not going to produce the best outcome.



"Extremely satisfied with the service and communication by the wills department, we've already recommended Mr Gibson's services"

Mr and Mrs Dunne


"Mr Gibson explained the wills products and their benefits very well, he was very clear and because of this I completely understood, I feel very reassured, it was also a great convenience for me that he came to visit me in my own home."

Helen Jepson


Excellent service and professional throughout. Thank you very much Barber and Co!

Martin Ainsworth


Fantastic services, recommend to all!

Mathew Charles Allen Benson


I would recommend this firm to anyone, we have been continually looked after by all the staff at Barber & Co and we can't thank you enough, especially our daughter Ava, I am certain she will be grateful when she's 21. Thanks again.

Caz Heaton